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文章RCHK » 週一 2月 03, 2020 11:00 am

代碼: 選擇全部
The RT-AC87U and RT-AC3200 are not supported by this release, see
  the 384.13_3 release released separately for these two models.

  - NEW: wan-event script.  The first parameter will be the WAN unit
         (0 for first WAN, 1 for secondary).  The second parameter
         will be a string describing the type of event (init,
         connected, etc...).  A wan-event of type "connected" will
         be identical to when the original wan-start script was
         being run (wan-start should be considered deprecated
         and will be removed in a future release)
  - NEW: Implemented an official API for addon developers to
         better integrate with the router.  This includes up
         to ten different pages that can be added anywhere within
         the webui, and a dedicated storage repository for your
         settings, which can be interacted with through your
         custom web page or through a shell script.
         See the Wiki for more information:

  - NEW: amtm (Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu) by thelonelycoder has
         been added to the firmware.  Running "amtm" over SSH will
         give you a menu allowing you to select and install various
         addons, such as Diversion (ad blocker) or SKynet (an
         advanced firewall extension).  The plugins for amtm are
         still maintained by its original author (thelonelycoder).

  - UPDATED: Backported some fixes from 384_81981, mostly related
             to WAN, port bonding and mdns.
  - UPDATED: Merged GPL 384_7756 for RT-AX88U, which adds OFDMA and
             WPA3 support to that model.
  - UPDATED: Merged with GPL 385_10002 for other models (from RT-AC68U)
  - UPDATED: odhcp6c to 1.1-97-ge199804 (themiron)
  - UPDATED: curl to 7.67.0.
  - UPDATED: openssl-1.0 to 1.0.2u
  - UPDATED: dnsmasq to 2.80-114-ge40d8be (themiron)
  - CHANGED: Replaced script with link to amtm, as
             using the amtm Entware installer is now the supported
  - FIXED: Some of the newest DNSFilter servers weren't properly set
           up with IPv6 (dave14305)
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文章RCHK » 週三 3月 18, 2020 8:17 am


代碼: 選擇全部
- NEW: Added support for the RT-AX58U and RT-AX3000 (same
         firmware), based on GPL 384_8253 + binary blobs 384_8137.
  - NEW: Added support for the RT-AX56U, based on GPL + binary
         blobs from 384_8253.
  - NOTE: The RT-AC87U and RT-AC3200 are now officially considered
          to be on limited support.  The future for these two
          models will depend on Asus's own support in the
          coming months.

  - NEW: Added ed25519 support in Dropbear (themiron)
  - UPDATED: Merged GPL 384_8253 and binary blobs 384_7977
             for RT-AX88U.
  - UPDATED: Tor to
  - UPDATED: curl to 7.68.0.
  - UPDATED: nano to 4.8.
  - UPDATED: dnsmasq to 2.81rc3-29-g495e518 (themiron)
  - UPDATED: inadyn to 2.6 (themiron)
  - UPDATED: getdns to 1.6.0 (themiron)
  - UPDATED: stubby to 0.3.0 (themiron)
  - UPDATED: amtm to 3.1.4 (thelonelycoder)
  - CHANGED: Wireless Log page will now regroup Guest Network
             clients together and identify which guest instance
             they are connected to.
  - CHANGED: Report temperature of second 5 GHz radio on Sysinfo page
             for tri-band models.
  - CHANGED: Added down/upload monitor to network status page, and
             removed useless RAM chart to free some space.
  - FIXED: DNS server was unreachable when connecting to an OpenVPN
           server with Advertise DNS enabled, due to firewall rules.
  - FIXED: Router Security Assessment would fail to recognize WPA3
           as being secure.
  - FIXED: miniupnpd would reject private WAN IPs - changed that
           upstream behaviour to allow these.
  - FIXED: Would require you to reset the DHCP scope if you
           changed the LAN hostname.
  - FIXED: Couldn't set http mode to http-only if you previously
           had WAN access enabled but have since switched to
           non-router mode.
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文章sorry » 週五 3月 27, 2020 11:13 am

開始support 到AX router, 用緊ac56u已out晒, 都唔知換咩好
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